Majority of us is now awake, experiencing vast coincidences. There are more of us every minute, who have the feeling of anticipation, global change, or just simply wait for a sign...

Of what? When? Why?


We do not know yet, but if we communicate, we find out...

Latest vulcano activity right here!

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A look ahead to see what new and returning comets will spice up the new year. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/comets-to-catch-in-2016123020153012/

"How many times did we fail as a civilisation?


Or is our natural fate to grow, develop, excell and disappear?"

If the half-life of a civilisation testimonial is around 10.000 years, what is the chance of us finding any form of an intelligent message left behind? Do we become masters of self-destruction?


The new CRS report says the war in Iraq ended up costing $814.6 billion. Afghanistan has cost $685.6 billion. If war did not exist, there would be no poverty. If each one of us reached a middle class welfare, our purchasing power would soon exhaust the natural resources. WAR is a program to control our population count. We see the dependency in the chain of events. Fuel price sinks with an intervention, pharmaceuticals rise with war, people are divided in cultural differences, the choice of religion is a poor excuse to invade.


When searching for community with the common spirit of awakening, one finds mounts of viral pollution before one arrives to a single individual, who feels, that we are in time of expectation of a message, calling, miracle or disaster.

So far it is unclear what we feel. We demonstrate against the regime, sabotage social media and disconnect the TV to turn to life in spiritual isolation. For most it is a process of mental cleansing. We delete virtual friends, we prefer to write a letter instead of a chat, we cycle/walk to work. Our awareness is changing and by making space for uninfluenced thoughts we begin to feel the shifting.


Welcome to MWO, the place, where we all finally meet.

Join us in our forum and tell your story!

Let's face it, the most valuable commodity on eart is an information. It is one of very few commodities left,which gain on value and importance when shared.

Yes, this is definitely a real enigma and an concrete proof of powers beyond our comprehension. You want to see a real portal being opened live? Well, here it is. Witnessed by many, filmed by many and hoax resistant....What do you think?..............Comment Here

This might be a case of testing. We all know the technology is there, some calling it Blue Beam. If so, then Its appearnce isnt that important. What is more shocking is the need of our genuine shock and reaction to this. Are we trained to get used to the absurd? ...Comment Here

A Swedish office block is offering workers the opportunity to have a microchip implanted under the skin of their hands. The radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, about the size of a grain of rice, lets users open doors, swap contact details or use the photocopier, all at the wave of a hand. ...I know the lady says she feels very "modern", however


Quiet a lovely effort to collect the material on the spirals in the world. One does not realise there is more events of a similar ilk taking place in the latest years...............Comment Here

Until you hold the piece of anciant technology in your hand and realise its genuine origin, you will not be able to apprehend the possibility of a highly inteligent civilisation predating our one. The existence of it is not what is the scandal here. It is the destruction force capable to wipe us out this well ...Comment Here

Surely we are extatic about this good news. No illnesses, not mistakes, no unwanted surprises. But how possible is that this new invention isn't just another spakle for those, who can pay? Have we given up on healing our current diagnoses and will just scrap our data instead to make space for new "unburdened material"?


Each species on eart has several types of genetic abbreviations. Fox, German Sheperd, a Wolf have simmilar physical and psychological traits if we ignore their size and decoration. It is absolutely logical. Why though, do we act shocked seeing the same traits in evolution of human?.......

Why do RH negative normally developed mums reject their healthy offspring based purely on its genetic code and treat it as an alien body? Why do the RH neg individuals keep a very acidic environment and their body conducts the electricity far better? Why do they have different approach to life? ...Comment Here

When billions of animals die withing few months, it will leave a huge impact on our environment. Find the complete list of mass death in 2016 here: