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A peace of mind is not a priviledge, it is a choice...

The minute you detach yourself from the mainstream, is the moment you find your unique identity. Our unique ID is the platform, from which we can start reaching out to gather information, which will help us to get where we want to be. The knowledge of your destination is the most sought after commodity. The trick to develop your path is to juggle the upkeep of your ID while pretending you are a part of mainstream. Why? Because we humans are envious, inssecure, malicious and competitive by nature. What drives us to evolve, build, expand & improve is what will drive us to compromise, fail, destroy & kill.

-R.D.M 2015-




Most of us say there is no such a thing as fate controll. In fact controll does not exist. What we precieve as controll is a logical chain of events we calculate as the most probable. So....can we at least influence our fate? YES! Now we don't want to bore you with the frases from "The Secret" concept, where you have to stare at the pictures and drawings on your wish wall and imagine it is the present truth. The formula is much more simple than that:


The destiny works hand in hand with your aim, but simply hypnotising your house in hope it turns to 10 bedroom mansion is nonsense. What does work though, is the active demonstration of aim by making firt steps towards your desired destination. The process is not simple or easy, but it works. There are few paralel streams which must happen to get the dice rolling.


1. THINK IT- Visualise the destination and imagine yourself being able to reach it. There is no point imagining being the president of United States, if you have no idea about politics. Or planning on being A-list fottball player being blind. What you can do, is reach for logically realistic goals. They can be exagerrated, because if you aim a bit higher, reaching a half way will be amazing.


2. SAY IT- The materialisation of thoughts happens trough sound already. A spoken word already has a moving power. If you tell a person a bad disease is killing their body, they will probably suffer negative effects. Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown the influence of words on water samples, which respond to positive and negative words by changing their crystal structure. If you speak about your ideas, you build the path.


3. WRITE IT DOWN- Written word is usually underestimated. But with the words visually appearing on a piece of paper we somehow sign a contract of intent. Writing down an idea is now a higher level of commitment. Written word on paper cannot be unwritten and represents so a firm placement of your path on the map of life. Write your list of intend, share it as a concept with your family, discuss it with like minded people.


4. FIRST STEPS- We have visualised, we have materialised the thought in sound and by writing it down we materialised an intend. This is where the most mistakes happen. Our lack of humility and ambition will kill this idea here on the spot, if we do not give the intend and written commitment a physical direction. How is the destiny supposed to know where to take you?.Make your first moves on your path and mainly.... "watch out for the signs"!!


5. NEVER DOUBT- Castles can be destroyed if built badly, But if your intent is serious, honest, realistic and does not cause harm, you have built a good foundation for a structure, which will not be broken down easily.








Let's take this theory into a practice:


Your are young, in a good health and not stupid. However the lack seems to walk away from you. You have a job you hate, that does not pay enough, your friends think you are a looser and family has already written off any possible goals you might want to achieve. Great deal of us will blame the environment. Yes indeed, the people who bring you down do not help. To break through the blockage will take a little "foolishness" and calculation.



Imagine a better life. Imagine the work you do and do it well. The car you drive, the people you meet, the shopping you do, the cloths you wear and parks you chill in. The rule applies- if you can imagine and it looks beliavable, you have the capacity to make it happen. The vision should be fair, justified, positive and should not include injustice or harm done to you or anybody else. Do not hate. Hate is a very strong image of intend and its force can easily overpower what we love. Love your self in this image and feel good about yourself.



Reveal your ideas to people close to you. Listen to their opinion of your self, ask where you can make improvements, make your self to an attarctive commodity to sell. Sell your self. Do not worry about them saying "Easy said than done" or something like "you are building castle in the sky". Speaking of the intend is not important for "their" ears. Its is imporatnt for the ears of destiny.


3. CONTRACT- Write down an idea, conceptuate a plan, write a new CV, an introduction letter, create professional image which shows your best abilities, but do not lie. Most of the achievemnts seems distant at the moment because we are stopped by the bad track record.....be brave, aim high. You have nothing to loose, everything to gain!


4. STEPS- Get out, meet people and interact. Apply for jobs you know you could do if you were given a chance. Take part in lectures, go to libraries and public places. Develop positive action towards the destiny you deserve. Why do you deserve it? Because you have done everything mentally and physically possible to succeed.


5. BELIVE- Feel the things falling into place, meeting people who have a good contact for you (as if by magic?), pick up the right newspaperwith an attractive advert in it (as if by magic?), meet a person at a service till in the bank who has a job proposal for you (as if by magic?)....More positive action you develop, higher the chances are you succeed and more coincidences will happe....as if by magic...





The feeling of love is fully subjective. Nobody can experience your feeling of love the way you do, no one can describe it to you, so you can fully empathise. Some of us found it, some of us never will.


The origin of Love may be a genetic code in us to enable the pairing and the procreation, but the fact is, the procreation could be (and perhaps one day will be) handled in it's absense. If we take away this technicality, we are left with a factor of an unexplained selection process. The word "selection" will play a great role here.

What are the circumstances which turn the world upside down for a moment, lasting until the force of attraction is apeaced with the final unification?


What is Love actually?


Is it an attraction similar to a pair of magnets of a certain polarity and strength? What does it do? Perhaps the answer could be "A COMPLETION". We aim to form a unity, where weakness is compensated and quality maximised. We crave safety, closeness, understanding, familiarity, but also respect, effectiveness, success, excitement, adventure, admiration and adorenment.....and our cravings are growing!


Some say "It was a love at the first sight". Let us assume the visual aspect plays the most important role in our selection. What are we looking at? Is it health, beauty, colouring or built? What if all of the visual factors are just a reflection of our genetics, which determine our personality, quality and compatibility? Sometimes we meet someone mesmerising, who actually does not have any visual reflections of what we are looking for. The reasons are impossible to name, define or calculate.


Where does it come from then?


In the wilderness of mother nature this process happens based on Pheromones, which are naturally occurring odorless substances the fertile body excretes externally, conveying an airborne signal that provides information to, and triggers responses from, the opposite sex of the same species. The complexity and originality of such message must be vast as we humanids are rather selective. So will be the message.


What will the message say?


Providing we can process thousands of choices at once with our instinct, the message could be a formula of compatibility. It could explain all of the things we offer, desire and attract at once, such as:


"I am spontaneous and my life can change any minute based on free will. I can provide adventure, absence of boundaries, sexual practices without moral prejudice. The journey I take makes me experience the life to the fullest and I am free to share this experience with you....etc."


Now this message might sound very attarctive and very exciting to one individual, however to another this constallation of data will represent instability, irresponsibility, lack of commitment and ability to build together. We can assume the origin of "LOVE" is a genetic message, quiet simmilar to a marketing banner, which either makes us "purchase", test drive, or look away. The message will surely hold all of the aspects of all of human facettes in different proportions


Provided we are after "LOVE BETWEEN TWO SEXUALLY MATURE INDIVIDUALS", which in its innitial pure intent should last as long as possible (being the point of neverending desire compressed into a momentum), let us have a look at the criteria we chose and why.


The message is out, it is displayed and received. Moment of this happening can be one sided or mutual. The receptor has assessed the data provided and decided it is compatible. Attraction is born. But attraction to what? Does chemistry have such a strong bandwith to decide what is attarctive/desirable? And attractive for what?


Somehow our chemistry can determine (with a certain accuracy), who is the partner for us. Now when we say a "Partner" we surely mean the person of "desire". but placing the Love into an environment nurtured only by desire, results in a very short term effect. This magical moment can produce a short term love, however it all can fade away as soon as the dischage of desire arrives and there is nothing else to find and to build upon. Yet, let us pay the element of "attraction/desire" a closer attention, as this is where it begins:


Attraction or desire in its force is the strongest at the closest point of two attracted elements, right before the contact and discharge. The moment we embrace and kiss will often never be beaten by anything else. The succession of the battle between the doubt and desire is so overpowering, it can never be repeated with the same individual. Even the sexual act provides often an equally powerful moment of victory, but for many it is rather the point of the first intimate connection which will have the highest emotional charge. Why? Because the moment the selection has been completed, the real purpose of attarction and the need of completion comes an end.


Why does completion of attraction process end?

help please


When are we happy?


There is a saying "Love can survive anything". Yes, this was the case, when we were used to misery and misery awaited pretty much on every corner. In our time however, emancipation success is the most prominent aim and needs a safe emotional ground to thrive. We have the right to excercise our free will which gives us an opportunity to define and satisfy our needs in many new directions, which today's market is more than willing to accommodate. This though makes us less compatible and the chances of love in a relationship which nurtures growth of both partners becomes extremely rare, almost impossible.


Where does love go?


We do not know where it goes, but we are sure it does not reside in one place as long as it used to. Having a wide platform for self definition, self realisation, self promotion and self satisfaction we often exclude the view of others and produce so a ground less favourable for the Love to stay. We used to choose a partner to grow, build, thrive and enjoy the life together. Today we choose variability, self promotion, customer services,plentitude and virtual identity to enjoy live on our own.




● Love is the ability and the need to share happiness.

● Success and health makes us happy today.

● To be successful and healthy we have to be focused, emotionally stable and evolve.

● Relationship of two driven individuals rarely provides enough space to the above +LOVE.

● People are evolving 20x faster now than 20 years ago.

● We grow into a society of individuals, where for every extremity is catered for.

● Higher diversity, individuality and extremity produces incompatibility.

● Incompatibility prevents a good and ballanced relationship

● We have a higher divorce rate, more singles, less children, more indentity issues

● Selfishness and self promotion replaces love.